At the May 2024
the third book in the E-Grocery series will be published, in which several leading experts in the field of marketing, promotion and advertising of food products on the Internet from leading companies in the online food sales market will share their invaluable experience and talk about successes, failures and difficulties of projects, with the participation of world leaders in the process of achieving results.
About author
Voskresensky Mstislav
Expert with over 25 years of experience in online food sales (e-grocery). Developed and implemented the strategy (sales, purchasing, and marketing) for Russia's first home food delivery service, Service 77. Organized online stores for international retail chains Migros and Billa (Rewe Group). Developed and implemented local marketing programs for Utkonos, Hyperglobus (Germany), and more than 200 Russian FMCG manufacturers. Leading e-grocery expert "Future store" Rusnano. Associate Professor at one of the top five universities in Russia and an e-grocery researcher with three published books. PhD in Economics, specializing in e-grocery.
Co-authors of the book
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What is this book about?
After reading the book you will learn
  • Develop an E-Grocery marketing strategy based on the development plans of market leaders
    Founders and managers of the largest food delivery services Auchan, Hyperglobus, Shiever, X5 Retail Group, Sbermarket. Igoods share their vision of market development for the next five yearsWe are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers.
  • Analyze the target audience, identify competitors and assess the company's position in the marketExperience
    The country's largest analytical services NIQ, Data Insight, Infoline reveal data on the current situation in the market, and also talk about customers, their preferences and segments
  • Create a user-friendly website, create a media plan and plan promotion in Internet channels
    The largest branding and marketing agencies Depot, Zurashvili Brand, Ingate, Envybox and customer experience agency Pulse share their experience
  • Use your advantages correctly and beat your competitors
    Practitioners from the companies Azbuka Vkusa, Pepsico, Glaxo Smith Kline, share their experience
Bonus! Additional three chapters on topics
  • Negotiations on the formation of the assortment matrix through the eyes of the buyer and supplier
  • Assessment of the financial efficiency of E-Grocery projects
  • Management of E-Grocery project
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